The Church Brings People Closer to God

Most of us believe the church to be a building used for religious purposes mostly affiliated with the Christian religion. This definition is shallow and does not really give the true definition of a church. A closer examination of the holy book reveals the church as being the people themselves rather than the building. If you think about it literally, this definition makes more sense because it is the people in the church building that bring life to the place. The integration, communication and fellowship of the church members is what makes up the church.

Attending church has several benefits to an individual. Modern lifestyles and ignorance towards religious affiliation has made most people oblivious to these benefits. To be honest, most of us would rather spend our weekends sleeping or having fun rather than attend church. Others argue that they do not have to attend church to experience God’s power and presence. Such an argument cannot be disputed, but it is better knowing what you can gain from going to church. The main advantage of going to church is that the church brings people closer to God.

Getting closer to God is perhaps the primary goal of attending church. The resolve to attend a church mass as an individual is usually motivated by the need to build a better relationship with the creator and hence get closer to him. The Church can help you in this mission of getting closer to the creator by providing the right environment. The following paragraphs explain some of the ways that the church brings people closer to God.

Modern technology such as the internet and the media exposes us to a sea of information and materials. Some of this information may contain questionable elements that may have negative impacts, especially on our kids. Kids are innocent and such malicious information may prove lethal in the long run. Attending church during the weekends provides a break from all these technology. The kids and also the parents get to learn about acceptable moral standards and ethical practices. Such teachings bring both the kids and the parents closer to the creator.

As we already noted earlier, some people dispute the need to attend church. Most of these people claim that the Church is not the only place that they can get closer to the maker. Perhaps they are right. But the church provides the best atmosphere for experiencing the power and the presence of the creator. The singing, listening to teachings and participating in the holy communions are all activities that happen in the church that cannot be experienced in any other place. Such activities and fellowship with other church members give you the thrill and the desired spiritual fulfillment that just makes you want to be closer to God.

The basic definition of a church being the congregation rather than the building means that you get to meet with other people. With time, the congregation gets to became more of a family than just fellow church members. The members get to share their problems and worries and provide a lending hand in times of distress. Such compassion provides a deeper meaning of humanity to you as a member, and you get to understand the reason the Creator demands that everybody exercises this trait. In the long run, you end up getting closer to the creator.

Attending church gives us the opportunity to learn about the holy book and what is expected of the believer by God. We get to gain knowledge of the teachings and the rules set down by the Creator. In most cases, learning and applying these teachings makes us better people. For example, a believer gets to learn the importance of service to humanity. You will find yourself helping others in one way or the other and with time this becomes part of you. Getting to learn about the word of God and becoming a better person eventually brings you closer to God.

Having learnt the various ways through which the church can bring you closer to the creator, it is upon you to start attending church. Find a church that feels right and suits your beliefs then purpose to attend masses as often as possible. It may just turn out to be the best thing you will ever do.

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