The Church Provides Education


The Church Provides Education in all aspects of life. Education is a necessity for all children. Education is a tool; an instrument that breaks the cycles of poverty in the society more so in the developing world. It is amazing for the church to give children education. Church is a central institution of life; this is because religion provides education for community awareness and moral foundations meant for self-restraint. This is necessary and a success not to and an individual only but to the community and government too. Church encourages virtues of life. It in turns provides social and economic benefit to communities. Through the education provided by the church, valuable and extensive contributions have been seen in of social services, community volunteering, reduced levels of deviance, long-term health, civic skill training, political cycles and economic prosperity. We can say that church education improves the community directly or in an indirect manner. The benefits accrued from the education provided by the religious community outweigh the loss of revenue from Tax exemption status. If it were not for the churches, then the government would have spent a lot of finances to cover the benefits the community accrues from the church. The role of the church as a non-profit institution should be maintained in the society.


Alongside the creation of social programs and servicing as a baseline for community volunteers, the church also improves the educational success of individuals and provides the necessary skills and knowledge that promotes civic engagement.

For the learners, research has shown that there is a positive correlation between involvement in religious activities and Math skills. Participation in religious activities has led to higher reading scores and Math skill. The education also instills a student with high academic and educational inspirations.

Learners who have been seen to be frequently attending church services have an improved ability in allocating time and achieving their life goals. Those students who are connected with religion and the church are six times less likely to miss school and classes as compared to peers who lack religious foundations and accomplishments. The involvement of parents in church also promotes and improves education achievements and capabilities of their children’s.

Parents who are very religious are high to raise children with good morals and respect. Their children’s are more consistently to complete homework, attend school daily and complete their studies up to degree programs. The church is the one that provides educational, moral training, psychological, necessary resources which in the end results to positive present as well as future educational outcomes for a religious student.

A series of community-based and cross-national studies have shown how church education has helped the members acquire civic skills. With the education provided in the church, an individual will have enough knowledge and skills in dealing with networking, public speaking, political participation and general organization. Church education is a good training ground for all individuals from all social-economic backgrounds. This affords members skills to succeed successfully in business, industry and politics. With this, we can say that the education provided by the church has significant and valuable economic and social benefits to the society.

As the church education and Civic Engagement increases the following are realized;

  • Reduction in crime and deviance rates. The youths become more loyal. This in turns makes the community safer, stable and very productive. This leads to economic growth and development thus expanding businesses and attracting more new residents.
  • Decreases domestic violence. It reduces violence among youth men and women. This brings to lower levels of assault and burglary in the community.
  • Reduces numbers of deviant behaviors such as delinquency, drug use, sexual assault and youth violence. That brings about social orders and increases the likelihood of a business expanding thus more economic opportunities.
  • Church education leads to improvement in mental and physical health. This is why religious individuals are likely to live seven years more than a non-religious person.


In summary, the church provides education that has a lot of positive impacts on the community. The benefits of church education range from improved morals in the society to increased economic, social and political benefits. The education builds the rightful norms as well as values for stability. Church contributes to success in every society. Let us all embrace religion in the modern day world.

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